Decisions: The Sum of it All

“Just one. I can eat one,” I reasoned. One cookie wouldn’t bring my diet to a halt. I live on food restrictions all day it won’t hurt to eat this one cookie.

And then, after the cookie was just an after taste with evidence still in the corners of my mouth, my body reminded me that it wasn’t the only compromise I made today, nor the only cookie I had eaten.

Just a little here and a little there and before I knew it my belly was full and my body was aching from the poor food choices I made throughout the day.

I compromised.  I continually chose to go against what I knew was best for me. I was thinking that the decision I was making only held consequences on its own.  That somehow the small cookie had small consequences. Maybe on its own it does.


Decisions don’t stand alone, they are a strand of carefully placed pearls on the string of time.

Each decision, a pearl, stacked on top of the previous one, will affect the appearance of the finished necklace.  The sum of the choices made in a day can produce a beautiful strand of pearls or a haphazard collection of beads.  To create a beautiful strand of pearls, I need to be thinking of the finished product with every pearl I place.


Whether it is something as life and death serious as the spiritual walk of my children or my health and lifestyle, to get to the desired outcome, the end goal needs to be continually in my mind with every choice I make.

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