A Letter to My Child’s Teacher: On the Day I Decide to Homeschool 6

It’s not you, it’s me.

In our time together, I have watched you help grow my child into the learner that he is today.

I have experienced his excitement and at times, discouragement at the end of the school day, while I listen to stories about the playground, p.e., and friends. I know you have shared in those emotions too, because he tells me. 

In a sense, you are a mom to him as well, his school mom. You see his emotions when he learns something new. You see the strategies he uses when he is reading. You care for him and help him navigate life, friendships, and lunch line. You worry about him. I know, because you have told me.

When you see concerns or behaviors that are unusual, you communicate those with me, truly caring for my child. You want what is best for him and it shows in your teaching.


But, it’s not you, it’s me.

I know you are teaching for the right reasons, the heart reasons. It shows. I am truly thankful for the time and energy you have poured into my child.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

But, I want to see what you see. Those emotions he has when he learns something new, I want to experience. The reading strategies he has learned, I want to hear.  The friend issues, I want to help him walk through those.  I want to live his day with him while I still can.

He is only little once.

So I am deciding to homeschool, becoming both mom and teacher.

You have grown both of us, myself and my son, over our time together. You have taught my son valuable skills, helping to produce a life long learner. And you have helped me grow as a mother in ways you may never know.

Keep doing what you are doing, Teacher. You are changing lives.  When you love on those little hearts, you are changing the future.

To Melinda Dickinson, much love.

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6 thoughts on “A Letter to My Child’s Teacher: On the Day I Decide to Homeschool

  • Kathy

    This is such a brave move, and so right!! My son is now 18 but when he was 5 we walked into kindergarden and he wondered why everyone was sitting down. That was enough for me to start homeschooling, which I did for many years..his first homeschool class was the a wilderness youth project in a community group..I was overjoyed watching them run through the forest! We made films together, walked beaches for home science where we found a jaw of a native American (the local university verified), we learned math in fun ways..read read read, going to the library each week with a suitcase! I will never regret those days!! Life got very hard when he wanted to go to a public high school..the hardest thing we ever did, and stressful! But he wanted the experience, and hopefully his homeschool years gave him so much for his future years! Blessings to you on this wonderful decision!!! So many beautiful moments ahead!

  • Robin Pack

    This is just awesome! Throughout the years, my children have had amazing teachers. There was one though, that was the complete opposite. I homeschooled my youngest because he had a suppressed immune system and we thought it best for him at the time. When I did send him to school (in first grade) his teacher had the audacity to tell him he should have been in school instead of staying home and playing school with mommy, maybe then he wouldn’t be so dumb! Yeah, our conversation did not go well especially since my first grader knew more than most of the students in her class! But, I am pleased with all the teachers after her who helped to nourish my children. I am glad you and your son found a great one too!

    • Jenni Post author

      Yes, very thankful that we had a wonderful teacher. Your story is a reminder that we all need grace and things are not always as they seem. Thanks for reading! ♡

  • Lori Wildenberg

    As a former teacher I ca say this letter warms my heart. What a positive and tender way to usher your child out of the school system and into your home based school. Your child’s teacher will miss you , no doubt!

    • Jenni Post author

      Im also a former teacher and it was such a journey to be on the other side of the classroom. Much learned. I know we will miss her!